Our Story



Beat Nb exists because of two sons. Will was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at 8 months old, and his family was told there was no chance for survival. 9 years later, Will is playing hockey, largely due to the research Beat Nb continues to fund.

Ezra was diagnosed at 13 months old, and loved trains and dancing. He died the next year, only living 800 days. To change the story for the next family, his parents have been beating nb by passionately driving research ever since.

Beat Nb was established in 2010 by Patrick Lacey, Will’s dad. Shortly after, in 2011, Kyle and Robyn Matthews (Ezra’s mom and dad) founded Because of Ezra, with a shared mission. In June of 2016, Pat and Kyle merged the two organizations, forming a brand new Beat Nb.

They were joined through our Because of _____ program with Andy and Melissa Mikulak, Max’s parents and founders of Max’s Ring of Fire, and Joe and Lisa Riniolo, Melina’s parents and founders of Melina’s White Light. Together, we’re a growing fist in the face of neuroblastoma childhood cancer.