Our Because of _____ program is for families who’ve been affected by childhood cancer, and want to raise awareness and funds toward a cure for neuroblastoma.

We help you start raising funds to bring hope today in your child’s name. The Because of _____ program gives you a unique website (like beatnb.org/sofia) to share your child’s story. Supporters can donate, furthering our mission of finding and funding a cure for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers.

Donations made through Because of _____ are 100% tax deductible, and support Beat Nb. You don’t have to worry about handling regulatory and legal issues, setting up a board of directors, or any of the day to day tasks of administering a nonprofit – we’ve got that. We believe in transparency, and are heavily involved in the worldwide effort around the best childhood cancer research available. Beat Nb is open about what we fund and how we are helping to beat childhood cancer.

We’re neuroblastoma parents, too. We know your story is your own, and we always work to honor that knowledge.

Read our kids’ stories.

Because of _____ comes from years of talking with parents of kids with cancer, who were passionate about raising awareness and funding research, but didn’t want to maintain the complex process of creating and operating a nonprofit. Our friends the Anderson family, whose daughter Sofia is beating neuroblastoma, were our first partners. We believe in relationship, and work as closely with you as you’d like to honor your child.

To set up a page in your child’s name, submit the form below and we’ll personally be in touch to get you started!

Frequently Asked Questions

We require personal approval from the family of the child. There are many instances of people fundraising with other kids’ stories, and having been through this ourselves, we want respect for the family and the child beating cancer to be of highest regard.
Your page is for your story. Videos, pictures, links to your external pages – all fine! We want you to be able to tell your child’s story. We’re pretty open on how that is done. We do request any content be respectful, and will personally reach out if we ever feel there’s any issue.
Donations directly support Beat Nb, furthering our mission of finding and funding a cure for neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. We believe in transparency, and are open about what we fund and how we are helping to beat childhood cancer.
Donations are 100% tax-deductible. Beat Nb is a 501(c)(3) organization with the Internal Revenue Service, and our EIN is 27-2314549. We send personalized thank you letters and official donation receipts by email after every donation. Supporters should consult their tax-preparer on how to claim their deduction.
Yes! You can choose whether or not to receive email notifications when someone donates through your page. You’ll see who’s made donations, when, and how much. Supporters do have the option of making their donations anonymous, and you would not be able to see personal details of those donations.
No. Funds raised through Because of _____ directly support Beat Nb. We recommend gofundme.com for personal fundraising. We are not replacing personal fund-raising, instead providing an alternative for families who’d like to directly benefit research, awareness, and advocacy.
Sure! There’s still plenty of ways to help out. Send us a message through our contact page (beatnb.org/contact) or check out our Join page for options. We have many ways to get involved, and we always welcome you sharing Beat Nb on social media or to your friends!
No problem! Send us an email via beatnb.org/contact, and we can remove the donation form or the page entirely. It’s your story – we always want you to have control of how it’s shared.
We pride ourselves on being extremely accessible, and welcome any feedback. You can reach us at via email through beatnb.org/contact, and we’re also on Facebook (facebook.com/beatnb) and Twitter (twitter.com/beatnb).