Because of _____

Almost a non-profit-in-a-box, the Because of _____ program is designed to partner neuroblastoma families with the Beat Nb family to tell your stories and fundraise toward clinical trials beating neuroblastoma.

If you’re reading this, you know firsthand the impact neuroblastoma has on families, and you’re as passionate about beating neuroblastoma as we are. Whether you’re a parent of a child with neuroblastoma or have known a family affected by this illness, one thing is certain: you want to rewrite the story for children and families around the world.

Turn Your Passion Into a Cure

Because no child or family should have to endure this battle, we’ve made it easy for you to fundraise toward our goal of bringing neuroblastoma to a 90%+ survival rate by 2027.

You’ll join the Beat Nb family of parents and children, friends and family, fighters and supporters—all dedicated to the same goal: beating neuroblastoma. Your passion for finding a cure shouldn’t be dulled by the challenges of starting a nonprofit.

That’s where we can work together.

  • Neva
  • Phillips
  • Kendall

Beat Nb has handled all the nitty-gritty administrative and regulatory tasks of creating a nonprofit, so you can just focus on a cure. Through a turn-key toolkit, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to get started and the resources you need to plan events, raise money and help fund a future without neuroblastoma – at whatever level you’re comfortable with.

Let’s do this.

Everything You Need to Rewrite the Stories of Neuroblastoma

Once you’re signed up, we’ll give you access to a wealth of resources to turn your vision into reality. Your Beat Nb toolkit will include:

  • Your Own Fundraising Page – Serving as the hub for your fundraising and awareness efforts, a dedicated webpage will allow you to showcase the powerful story or stories behind your dedication to beating neuroblastoma. You’ll receive email reports of donations made as well.
  • Event Planning Guides – Events are an excellent way to engage donors and spread awareness. From golf tournaments to 5k runs and more intimate gatherings, we have curated a list of helpful and reliable guides to help you plan and execute a successful event.
  • Event Template Materials – Getting the word out is a huge part of events, and we’ve got your promotional materials covered! Simply add your event details to our template, then print, post and share.
  • Beat Nb Stories Library – Tragedy. Inspiration. Dedication. The candid stories of children – and their families – who are affected by neuroblastoma give new meaning to these emotions. Our powerful videos and interviews share the personal impact this disease has on so many more than ourselves.
  • Education Tools – Keeping people informed is vital to your efforts. These resources will be helpful for the education of yourself and others – highlighting the history, treatments and future of neuroblastoma.

Get Started

From advocating to fundraising, there are different levels of commitment to a mission like ours. To start a discussion, contact our executive director Kyle and see where you would be most comfortable getting involved in our cause.