Falmouth Road Race 2017

Beat Nb once again will invade Falmouth this summer to help save KIDS with cancer, Sunday August 20th of 2017. This is our sixth year as an official charity partner of the Falmouth Road race. Year one had ten brave souls running to Beat Nb and last year we had 200+ runners who raised nearly $300,000 to help save KIDS with cancer!

Neuroblastoma is an incredibly aggressive and deadly cancer. It is the most common cancer in infants and the average age at diagnosis is less than 3 years of age. Despite the most aggressive and harsh treatment imaginable the most at risk kids far too often relapse within 2 years of finishing therapy and once this cancer comes back there is no cure.

Our mission is to change that reality by dramatically altering survival in the short term while creating less toxic and more effective long term solutions. We have a collaborative team of 30+ children’s hospitals across the US that are ready to do just that – all they need is our support.

Note: the $1,000 minimum is a requirement, and credit card backed.

Apply below to join our 2017 team below and together we can save KIDS with cancer.

We've raised $19,410 of our $300,000 goal.

Search for a runner’s page here.

Runner Leaderboard:

Lena Daly

$4,000 of goal $1,000

Debbie and Megan Foley

$2,300 of goal $1,500

Douglas and Christopher Lee

$1,171 of goal $1,500

Brian Kenny

$1,070 of goal $1000

Erwin Huang

$700 of goal $1,000

Kyle Matthews

$550 of goal $1,000

Dina Lacey

$550 of goal $1,000