Our Mission & Vision

Beat Nb drives neuroblastoma cancer research and raises awareness, making a difference in kids’ survival today. We want to change the story for the next family by finding viable treatments and ultimately, a cure for neuroblastoma.

Beating Neuroblastoma Childhood Cancer.

We are changing the neuroblastoma treatment paradigm. Current protocols include brutal, harsh therapies that are ineffective and ravage patients.

The new reality of treatment we’re working on uses targeted therapy, oral drugs, low side effects, and targets preventing relapse or treating relapse without punitive therapies.

We’ve built a national team of research and clinical collaborators to ensure kids across the US have access to these therapies, and created a consortium of children’s hospitals across the US to do so, through the NMTRC (25+ in total).

Ridding kids of cancer is only one part of saving them. We must also maintain fertility, cognitive capacity and organ function for another 7 decades of life.

Because of _____

Neuroblastoma family? Help us Beat Nb.

Our Because of _____ program is for families who’ve been affected by childhood cancer, and want to raise awareness and funds to increase research and advocacy.

We help you start raising funds to bring hope today in your child’s name. The Because of _____ program gives you a unique website (like beatnb.org/sofia) to share your child’s story.

Beat Nb News

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Beating Nb

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